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Email: zhixuli\at\suda.edu.cn
Office: Room 303, Ligong Building
Phone: +86-512-65214839

Zhixu Li


Ph. D, Associate Professor
Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) Lab
School of Computer Science and Technology
Soochow University
Ph.D. (2013) of CS from the University of Queensland
DEMI Intro

The DEMI group belongs to the ADA research center of Soochow University, which mainly focus on researches including Data Quality, Information Extraction, Knowledge Graph Construction, Big Data Management and Analysis, and Big Data Intelligence.

The leader of the DEMI Group is Professor Zhixu Li, who is now an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Technology at Soochow University. He got his Doctor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Queensland, Australia in Aug. 2013. Prior to that, he got both his Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Science from Renmin University. His research mainly focuses on Data Quality, Crowdsourcing Technology, Big Data applications, Information Retrieval and Information Extraction. He is a member of correspondence of China Computer Federation Technical Committee on Databases, and a member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. He served as a long-term reviewer of some International Journals such as IEEE TKDE, WWWJ, and some International Conferences such as ICDE, CIKM, DASFAA, WISE. He has published more than 40 papers in in highly reputable conferences and journals, including IEEE TKDE, WWWJ, ICDE, EDBT and CIKM etc.

Professor Zhixu Li is passionate for and experienced in leading and educating his students to be either a data scientist or a data engineer. He is a martinet and tough one in work, but an easy-going man in life. He loves his family, friends and students and always glad to be helpful. He has spend most of his lifetime in the university but declines to be a nerd;) He actually enjoys singing good songs, drinking with good friends, going to the gyms to keep fit, attending Marathons, and traveling all around the World.


DEMI looks for good students to join us every year. As a good student, you must be self-motivated, good at coding and/or other basic skills in CS, good at communication, good at presentation, and good at english reading and writing. You do not necessarily major in Computer Science. We also welcome students from other majors such as Mathematics and Statistics. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you believe you are interested and qualified.

Also, DEMI always welcomes outstanding bachelor students to join us at any time. If you are self-motivated, and keen to use your spare time in doing some real projects or researches on data management, please do not hesitate to send me email or come to my office directly.